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1 Feb 2010
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About 3000AD Systems
Tomorrow's ideas today - that is our commitment!
3000AD Systems commenced business in 1991 under the banner of TGA Accounting & Systems. In March 1999, TGA Accounting & Systems gave way to 3000AD Systems, an incorporated company. 3000AD Systems is committed to excellence in Customer Service and Business Ethics. We are dedicated to working with companies to supply superior  simple solutions to complex problems. We believe our products represent the best value  for money and we back them up with excellent support services - just ask any of our Users. Visit our site www.3000AD.com.au


        10 Paul Ave
        ST IVES NSW 2075

Fax:+61 2 9983 0367

 general enquiries: mail@3000ad.com.au

Distributors in Canada:

Geldman Computer Systems Inc.
        920 Alness St. #201
        Toronto, On M3J 2H7

Voice/Fax: 905-760-9835

support: support@geldman.com
        sales: sales@geldman.com