18 July 2010

Release of 32 Bit version 3.1 with various bug fixes - compatible with Win7


PDF-eXPLODE 64 Bit version

30 June 2010

PDF-eXPLODE new V3.5 is on the drawing board with a planned release in late Sep 2010.

1 Feb 2010
PDF-eXPLODE Launches Fresh Ideas.. More Flexibility.. Exceptional e-Delivery with version 3...



PDF-eXPLODE turns documents like invoices, statements and other reports and correspondence, into secure e-mails that are sent to customers all at once from your business software. Instead of printing, sorting, stuffing and mailing stacks of paper, or e-mailing documents one-by-one, PDF-eXPLODE uses the computer to do the work. It does   this easily in 3 steps.

With the click of your printer button, PDF-eXPLODE takes any report from your business software and, instead of printing it, converts it to a master PDF document.

PDF-eXPLODE "explodes" the master PDF into individual PDF attachments basedon hidden e-mail tags in the original document.

PDF-eXPLODE distributes each individual PDF either via e-mail, or a shared driveon your local area network to the designated recipients.
"Prior to using PDF-Explode, we would run individual reports per Vendor, print to PDF, file and then manually compile emails. This was a very laborious task. We are now able to complete the same task with one click of a button saving tens of hours per month. This is an excellent utility, there are numerous ways to apply it to business process and existing enterprise applications. I highly recommend this tool."
Paul Cullen, Database Administrator, Cardno - Brisbane, Australia

PDF-eXPLODE support has been excellent. PDF-eXPLODE is a program that does what it says it’s going to do. The bottom line is it works and saves me a tremendous amount of time on a weekly basis. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who needs to distribute a large number of reports or invoices via e-mail on a regular basis.” 
Brad Barron, R.Ph., Pharmacy Systems Coordinator, BASHAS, USA

"PDF-eXPLODE is an excellent piece of software. I would certainly recommend it to others on the basis that it does what it is supposed to,  is very configurable and the support in the initial set-up and learning curve is second to none. Allowing for the time difference, every e-mail I have sent – and there have been quite few –  has always been answered straight away with good sound advice. Other suppliers I have dealt with sometimes take days to respond to a support call.”
Roger Cann, Business Information Officer, allpay.NET, UK

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